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Product Development

In accord with its practice ideals, Career Consultants of America, Inc., has a longstanding tradition of product development. Among its recent products are:


The Earning Capacity Assessment Form – 2 (ECAF-2)

First published in 2004 by Elliot & Fitzgerald, Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc., (PAR) published the second edition in 2010. The ECAF-2 is the only standardized measure developed to facilitate vocational experts’ analyses of claims of loss of earning capacity.

The National Rehabilitation Association presented Dr. Shahnasarian the 2005 W. F. Faulkes Award for his work with the ECAF. Select a link below for more information about using the ECAF-2 to facilitate evaluations of claims of loss of earning capacity.

Decision Time

Decision Time: A Guide to Career Enhancement (3rd Edition)

First published in 1994, the second edition of Decision Time: A Guide to Career Development was translated into Italian in 2003, and the National Career Development Association (NCDA) published its third edition in 2006. This self-help book enables readers to focus on personal values, career interests, aptitudes and areas of strength, and life circumstances while gaining guidance on obtaining information necessary to evaluate career options, make effective career decisions, and establish realistic career plans. Select the links below for more information about Decision Time.

Assessment of Earning Capacity

Assessment of Earning Capacity (3rd Edition)

Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company published the first edition of Assessment of Earning Capacity in 2001, its second and third editions were released in 2004 and 2011, respectively. This book outlines methods to assess earning capacity in cases that involve acquired injuries, employment law, marriage dissolution, long-term disability, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Litigation-related considerations are also featured. Please refer to the following links for more information.

Assessment of Earning Capacity (4th Edition)

Earning capacity is quite often underappreciated and not fully understood. All too often in litigated disputes, two vocational evaluators arrive at radically disparate opinions despite having similar professional backgrounds and analyzing the same set of facts. Who is the jury or judge to believe?

In Assessment of Earning Capacity, author Michael Shahnasarian, Ph.D. recommends standardization, objectivity, and consistency in vocational evaluations. He begins by introducing you to vocational expert services, guiding you through consultation and the standard methods to determining your clients' earning capacity. From there you will be taken through several comprehensive case studies examining common situations that may require vocational assessment, such as personal injury cases, family law, employment law, and an all new chapter on long-term disability insurance. Finally, the author presents tips on appearing as an economic expert in court. You will learn what is required for trial preparation, testimony, and be presented with sample deposition questions and tips to aid you in presenting a professional demeanor while undergoing intense cross-examination.

Assessment of Earning Capacity contains many examples to help you understand the expert's job.

This fourth edition has been extensively revised and contains revamped case studies.

A Claimant's Guide to Understanding and Presenting Injury Damages:  A Damages Expert's Perspective

Published by the American Bar Association, this book aims to guide people who (a.) legitimately acquired injuries through little or no fault of their own, (b.) seek fair compensation for acquired disabling problems, and (c.) are pursuing litigation with concomitant damages claims.

Topics include:

  • Context about truth finding
  • Managing expectations, being patient, and assessing damages
  • Evolution of a claim and the parties who analyze it
  • Strategies lawyers can employ for ultimate resolution 

Justice Indicted

Justice Indicted is a gripping story of a real-life, behind-the-scenes look into the dark side of our justice system, where even a war hero is treated like the enemy.  Dylan Raines returns home from the war in Iraq and soon finds himself at the center of a battle in an all-or-nothing, multimillion-dollar case fought by scheming lawyers and crooked business executives.  While struggling to cope with the death of his wife and a new physical injury, Dylan finds himself at war again – only this time, the weapons used against him are blackmail, legal maneuverings, and character assassination.

The Valuation of Monetary Damages in Injury Cases

Dr. Shahnasarian has created a very comprehensive resource for both damages experts and attorneys. This book is literally a compendium of sound advice and useful resources, enhancing damages assessments vocational/economic consultants and attorneys undertake. Particularly helpful are actual (redacted) case presentations that serve as models of how fact patterns can be analyzed in synch with practice standards, allowing for sound presentation of expert analysis. Dr. Shahnasarian’s book will become a significant contribution to the literature on evaluating and presenting damages in injury cases.

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